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This is the CubeCart V6 demo store for Havenswift Hosting - the leading CubeCart Hosting company providing FREE CubeCart support with all CubeCart E-Commerce Self-Managed Shared Hosting or CubeCart E-Commerce Fully-Managed Shared Hosting plans.  We currently host and support a large number of CubeCart stores and work with start-up customers with little or no experience running an E-Commerce store right the way through to businesses with multi-million pound / dollar turnovers - and have clients from across the world especially UK, Europe, USA & Canada and Australia & New Zealand.

This is content on the normal homepage document which used to have to be used for the slideshow - however all Havenswift Hosting skins can now control the slideshow images, settings and position on the homepage via our skin configuration plugin and without having to add any code to this document.

You will often see strange looking colours, font and font sizes being displayed -  many of these are now also controllable through the Havenswift Hosting skin configuration plugin and so no coding changes are needed in order to customise the look and feel of your store.  This also means that upgrades are a breeze as teh "core code" of all of the skin files is never changed.

This store will showcase the latest version of CubeCart V6 (currently - 6.5.5) and we are happy to install this for FREE (worth £40) for clients that take any CubeCart E-Commerce Hosting plan through Havenswift Hosting. This store will also be used to showcase plugins and skins developed both by ourselves and other 3rd party developers where we feel that these are of a standard to be recommended and installed by us.

This is content from a normal site document and is displayed using our Multiple Homepage Documents plugin.  This document is positioned between the normal homepage document and the Latest Products

  • CubeCart Plugins

    This is yet another standard document that is displayed on the homepage using our Multiple Homepage Document Plugin showing that it can be used for additional slideshows or images below the Latest Products. A unique feature added by this plugin for use with this and the two documents below this, is the Accordion functionality.

    Enhanced Admin Order Entry - This is not visible on the front end of this website as this enhances the Admin Order Entry functionality to add a new customer while creating an order, calculates the correct tax and shipping costs based on the customer address entered and therefore is great for use when entering telephone or other orders manually.

    Category Product Options - This plugin displays selectable product options on the category listing page and allows the product to be added to the basket correctly, which in standard core CubeCart is only possible from the product page itself. To see it working on this site click into the CubeCart Plugins Category

    Enhanced Manufacturers - This greatly enhances the functionality surrounding the concept of manufacturers in CubeCart by displaying manufacturers either in a drop down box or in a list box or even as both with complete choice over which manufacturers are displayed in each type of box. Each manufacturer has their own page, which can be edited to show the manufacturer details and displays all products assigned to that manufacturer

    Group Site Documents - This plugin allows you to designate any one of four different positions to display the document link on the homepage - this can be in a top bar menu, in the footer, in a left side bar or a right side bar allowing for much greater flexibility to display these documents where you want to.  If the documents are displayed in the footer, then an additional enhancement via this plugin allows three separate columns of documents each of which can have it's own header text

    Multiple Homepage Documents - This plugin allows store owners to have multiple additional site documents displayed on the homepage in addition to the normal designated homepage document. They can be positioned anywhere within the main homepage content area, ie above the main homepage document or below the latest products as is shown with two documents below.

    Product Image Rollover - This plugin allows a second image to be associated with each product that is displayed whenever the mouse hovers over the main product image - this is very useful to show two different views of the item for example with clothing where a front and a back view can be shown. It also adds functionality to upload multiple images at the same time against a product, designate which is the main and rollover image and then also set the display order of all additional images

    Show Prices with and without VAT - This is a third party plugin developed by Noodleman which allows the display of store prices with and without tax. You can choose to display all of your prices including tax, excluding tax via options in the plugin. The plugin also makes available a selection of new smarty variables which can be used in your store skin. Using these new variables it is possible to display your prices to your customers exactly how you would like. The plugin supports your customer groups (if you use them) and will dynamically show your customer the prices including and excluding tax specific to them. You can also add a box / menu to your website and allow your customers to select the prices they wish to see, tax inclusive or excluding tax.

  • CubeCart Skins

    The Foundation skin supplied with V6, and any skin based on it, should be a fully responsive skin and therefore pass Google's Mobile Friendly Website test We currently have two CubeCart V6 skins that are actively being developed. 

    Retail Therapy

    The default skin used in this store is "Retail Therapy" and this features a different layout on the homepage to most standard CubeCart skins and uses our Multiple Homepage Document plugin to help create this look although this doesnt have to be used and comes with an additional sub-theme to switch the right-side column to the left hand side.


    "Nautical" is a more traditional skin layout but still possess a large number of additional features not seen in any other CubeCart skin

    Havenswift Hosting Skin Configuration Plugin

    All skins available from us come with a free skin configuration plugin which allows a large range of features to be configured and also come fully integrated with a range of plugins so that if you purchase and enable those plugins they will immediately work without having to make the required skin changes which also means these changes dont need to be re-applied each time you upgrade the skin.

  • CubeCart Payment Gateways

    CubeCart SagePay iFrame Payment Gateway - this uses an iFrame to make it appear that your customers never leave your website without having all of the PCI requirements of running a "Direct" method where the protection of customer card details taken on your site requires much stronger security. You can sign up to use SagePay with iFrame Integration

    CubeCart SagePay Direct Payment Gateway - this implements a "white label" payment solution where your customers are not taken away from your store. PCI security requirements are much stricter with this method but you can sign up to use SagePay with Direct Integration page.

    CubeCart DIBS Payment Gateway - DIBS are the largest provider of payment solutions in Scandinavia

    CubeCart Klarna Payment Gateway - Klarna also provide payment solutions in Scandinavia but also other Northern European countries like Germany and Netherlands but operate either via an invoice or an account basis.


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